Enterprise services

Pegasus Expands your capabilities


We enable new software to integrate with legacy systems, merge and optimize data and workflows and extend the existing capabilities. Our services increase data transparency across the entire operational processes and support wider automation, analytics initiatives within the business.

  • Orchestration Configuration & Bespoke Development
  • Create, Import, Export Policies & Workflows
  • Analytics Reporting & Data Integration
  • Process Engineering & Tool Support
  • Script & Code Development


Legacy systems can hold organization back from adopting advanced digital technologies. Updating and modernizing legacy applications to become more agile and resilient, the business benefits from efficiencies and increased functionality.
  • Retire, Retain & Repurchase
  • Replatform, Rehost & Refactor
  • Cloud Migration & Containerization


Our professionals have established hands-on experience in data management solutions. Businesses require highly scalable and available databases across different data sets by reviewing, testing, and improving the engine of existing databases in order to empower critical functions.
  • Design & Implementation
  • ETL Services
  • Application Modernization & Process Management
  • Issue Resolution & Support


Pegasus’ experienced software development practice help clients identify the technology and organizational barriers that prevent rapid prototyping, software that perfectly matches your specifications, and a balanced team that delivers consistently.
  • Design & Develop
  • Project Management & Application Integration
  • Issue Resolution & Support


Modernizing and transforming IT infrastructure into a more agile, consolidated, programmable and modern cloud environment, readies the foundations of the business for wider digital transformation initiates.
  • Infrastructure Review & Gap Analysis
  • Risk Management & Health Checks
  • Design Consultancy, Implementation & Optimization


We are specialists in monitoring, identifying, analyzing and optimizing application and infrastructure environments. Our services are designed to reducing costly downtime, improving engineer productivity, and enabling high-performing applications that deliver differentiated experiences for customers.
  • Requirement Analysis & Recommendation
  • Application & Service Integration
  • Install, Configure, Test & Optimize
  • APM – Application Performance Management


Pegasus has extensive experience with both structured and unstructured data as well as diverse data types from file, block and object-based. Whether you run distributed or central storage solutions, we can help.
  • Storage, Refresh, Redesign, Migrate & Integrate 
  • Backup, Restore & Cloud Services Advisory
  • Performance Optimization & Automation Support
  • High Availability & Cost Analysis


vendor services

Pegasus Expands your capabilities


Pegasus Field Engineers are specialist engineers responsible for implementing, integrating and troubleshooting systems in the field on both short and long-term assignments. With teams in all major cities and languages globally, Pegasus delivers field engineering in local language wherever possible.
  • Troubleshoot
  • Install, Configure & Migrate
  • Optimize & Test


Pegasus provides back-office application integration, web services development, API integration and development, and data integration services designed to improve the efficiency and value of existing systems. We save you time and money and empower IT value acceleration.
  • Application Analysis & Orchestration Automation
  • App Script Development & POC
  • Legacy App Integration & API Scripts Storage
  • Creation, Migration, Configuration & Support
  • Implementation Dev, Consultants & PM


Our Technology Consulting Services help clients steer their digital transformation projects with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems at a pace that’s right for you.
  • Internal Program Development & Implementation Advisory
  • Case Study, Health Check & Feasibility
  • Design Advisory & Best Practices


Pegasus provides a wide range of industry experience on specific vendor solutions. Our residency programs deliver subject-matter experts for 6 months, 1 year, and multi-year residency projects. With teams based globally, Pegasus offers residencies in local language as standard.
  • Resource Management & Quality
  • Improved Utilization & Performance Optimization
  • New Tech Adoption & Placement
  • Training Management LMS & Ramp Up Deployment


We believe in arming every professional with the right skills and knowledge to produce the business results they are responsible for. Pegasus offers programmatic training solutions for channel development, pre-sales/sales education, continuous learning, floor walking, and post-go-live training requirements.
  • Resource Instructor Management
  • Logistics & Quality Control
  • Training Management LMS
  • Translation Localization