New Relic Consulting Services

Digital innovation is about using digital technology and applications to improve existing business processes and efficiency, enhancing customer experience and launching new products or business models. Digital innovation can include developing a new technology strategy in an existing business; easily adopting new software or platforms; or evolving from analogue to digital operations.

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We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.


Get started in minutes with 470+ integrations.


Get a complete picture of your data, your way.

Open Telemetry

Instrument once and analyze everything from any source.


Get a bird's-eye view and focus on what's most urgent.

Serverless Monitoring

Visualize, troubleshoot and add alerts to all your functions.

Model Performance Monitoring

Optimize the performance of machine-learning models in production.

New Relic Subject Matter Expertise

Tool Consolidation

Streamline your environment by rationalising your management tools with New Relic


Enable developers and operations to have full-stack visibility


Integrate all of your applications to create a single source of truth

Open Source

Leverage agent-based and open-source instrumentation in one place

Further Pegasus' capabilities

Pegasus has substantial experience on all leading monitoring platforms and we are experts at implementing, configuring and developing virtualization, containerization and Kubernetes environments. Our diverse consulting and development teams also have experience with:

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– Server administration and monitoring
– Web Server administration and monitoring
– Software development and Application management
– Orchestration applications/platforms
– Database management and monitoring
– Networking monitoring and optimization
– Network monitoring
– Java, .NET, Ruby, GO and more

– APIs integration 

– Installing agents in different operating systems – Linux, Windows, Containers etc
– Log management (Push and Pull)
– Major security tools

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